About Us

We connect traditions to modern world. We are recreating and changing the way juttis are perceived. We believe shoes are extension of personality and we are creating means of expressions.    

We make juttis. Live happy, live better, feet first.

At Zarsá, we are storytellers. We find inspiration in whispers, stolen glances, faded photographs and sepia love letters. The rich heritage and culture of Medieval Asia, staircases that have worn a thousand footsteps, walls that have protected generations of dreamers and the well-loved shawl that has graced a dozen shoulders.
We bring together the traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist to recreate the charm of that traditional art for those who wear and admire elegance, class and culture.

Handcrafted by some of India’s finest artisans, we sometimes use traditional block printing from Rajasthan, the natural jute fibers from Bengal and a multitude of silks, brocades and velvets that once adorned Kings and Queens of the past.
We are enchanted by elegance, find joy in uniqueness and believe in quality. 
We are recreating and reinventing juttis – elegant, fine leather, cushioned, handmade, hand stitched traditional luxury shoes with a twist.

About Founder
 "Meandering through my whims I created art on different canvas and then came Zarsá, almost on an impulse. My obsession for shoes and love for culture -that's how my journey of musings on leather came about. Every Zarsá design is a story and I invite you to take a peek into it, read it leisurely. Someday I hope to achieve a-new-shoe-a-day for every girl who likes slipping into happiness crafted in leather." 
- Juhi Jain
Founder / Creative Head